You want to know why I am sold on this account let me show you. BITCOINX is creating the best company to develop high-tech and innovative auto-trading AI BOTS solutions. Never miss a trade opportunity. This is a key reason why our accounts are able to bless us because the company’s purpose is being fulfilled as outlined and in this account we benefit by having an account and sharing it with as many as possible. Since it appear that this company is off on the right foot in result of its progress.

Let me also express it in the language the account is producing. It has this main item titled “Halving” right. The rules of halving if I forgot to mentioned is “the coin starts out at .10 cents” that was on its launched day which was 13 Jul 2020.

To recap and give an update, today is 24 Jul 2020 and the .10 cents halving period is 97 per cent complete. That mean in 11 days your money went from (Example: 1000 coins x .10 = $100 in 11 days 1000 coins x .20 = $200). That’s pretty good (ROI) on that found money – to earn $100 in 11 days. Those are the type of successes you will find here.

Now, add this income stream to another one of your accounts and watch them add up. In a short time yours eyes wont believe what your money is growing/producing.

Don’t ever put up or into one of these type of accounts no more money than you can afford to lose.

Halving has happened again. The rules of halving are “the coin started out at .10 cents” and has since moved to $0.40 with it soon to be $0.80 due to the halving scale is at 95.9% – it should half in the next few days, today being 22 Aug 2020.

To recap and give an update, today is 22 Aug 2020. That mean in 40 days your money went from (Example: 1000 coins x .10 = $100 in 40 days 1000 coins x .40 = $400). That’s pretty good (ROI) on that found money – to earn $400 in 40 days. In no more than 4 days the coin value and scarcity will half to $0.80 which will be $800 made in 44 days.

The Family account now has 17,024 coins and counting since the account increases daily based upon the accounts coin allocation module times the daily arbitrage percentage rate. A little quick math to do a quick assessment 17,024 x $0.40 = $6,809 in coin value – in 40 days. And soon will be 17,024 x $0.80 = $13,619 in coin value – in an est. 44 days.

Those are the type of successes you will find with this account. Will give a monthly recap as we continue thru its 2 month of existence while experiencing the maturity under management of this account.

BitCoinX Arbitrage Trading Program

The First Weeks Have Come And Gone. The Account Is Now In Week 6 Or 40 Days – The Launch Was A Success. The Account Got Funded along with It Received An Initial Coin Allocation Which Has Been Added Upon Thru New Deposits And Daily BCX Coin Allocations. To Date That Totals 13,606 And Growing!

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