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I have learned how to trade and have did it for about a year. I've been associated with the crypto-currency space for about 7 years. Prior to this year my whole involvement has been allowing a third party to manage and control my passive trading funds.

Since June of 2021 all of the crypto-currency, FOREX, and exchange accounts have been manage by me. I have been involved with a group for roughly 6 years. Our group meets twice a week for a one hour normally conference call training. Before closing the meeting there are questions and answers on the materials covered and anyone can make a comment.

Prior to June 2021, as a group we co-oped and invested funds into third party passive training accounts. None of the accounts where the groups funds was invested were honorable. All took our money and ran.

After many such losses as a group Admin decided to never venture with a third party but decided to create the product created whereby allowing each group member co-op with Admin. Product used would be regulated and home office in the U.S.

I have decided to share my numbers of one of the accounts I own and manage (NovatechFX). It was a product introduced to me by Admin.

The main reason why I like this passive trading account is that it trades for me. The account pays out once a week like clock work, every Friday before Noon.

More about my experience while in crypto later, until next week.